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Experience the World - Host an international student

Take the leap and host an international student. Be part of an unforgettable experience, and make connections that last a lifetime. 

Host families play a pivotal role in our program as they become the “Canadian family” for our students. We are always looking for new families to join our wonderful and dedicated community within the International Student Program.  Homestay families help to create an unforgettable experience for the international students in our program.

As a host family for Pacific Rim International Student Program, you become the “home away from home” for the young person staying with your family. By welcoming the student into your home and treating them as a valued member of your family, your family is offering them the chance to experience true Canadian family life. In turn, you will also begin to understand their country, their family, their customs, and their beliefs as well. Host families and their students often develop a strong relationship that can last a lifetime. Many of our host families are still in touch with their former students and have even made trips to visit them in their home countries!


What are the requirements for hosting?

As a home-stay parent you are expected to provide the environment and support that you would normally provide for your own family. This means you are required to offer your student:

  • a private bedroom furnished with the following:
    1. a bed with a proper mattress and bedding
    2. a desk with a lamp 
    3. a window that opens
    4. a closet and set of drawers
  • three wholesome meals a day and snacks as required
  • a quiet, adequately lit and heated study space
  • hot water and facilities for daily bathing and basic toiletries such as soap and shampoo
  • laundry (you may expect a student to do their own laundry if you wish)
  • access to the common living areas of the house

Additionally, we require you to treat the student as a valued member of your family. This looks like:

  • emotional support if the student suffers from homesickness, difficulties at school, etc.
  • academic support (help with homework if possible, communication with teachers, attendance at parent-teacher-student interview, etc.)
  • inclusion of the student in family outings, trips to restaurants, special occasions, recreational activities
  • giving your student a house key/code
  • pickup and drop-off to the airport or ferry (for arrivals and departures)
  • transportation to and from student activities (host families living in remote areas will be required to provide more transportation)

How old are the students in the program?

The majority of our international students are in Grades 10-12 (15-18yrs old).  

How long will the student be living with my family?

We have short term and long term students. Short term students stay here 5 months, long term students stay 10 months or longer. You can state your preference for hosting either a short or long term student.

What does the program offer host families?

We offer our host families:

  • a monthly stipend
  • orientation at the beginning of the year
  • ongoing support of the PRISP Homestay Team

How does the Homestay Application process work?

You can apply to become a host family by filling in the online application:

After filling in and submitting the application, you would then apply for a Criminal Record Check. We will give you more information on this, once it gets to this step.  The CRC application will be done online.  The next step would see the Homestay Manager contacting you to set up a home visit. They will conduct this home visit where we can get to know you and your family and learn about your motivation for hosting for our program. If all the steps are completed and cleared, you would be approved to be a host family. 

For more information, feel free to reach out to our Homestay Manager Deb Hallworth: or 250-720-2780. 

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