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Totem Tournament


TOTEM is the longest running high school tournament in the British Columbia! No other school event generates the enthusiasm and cooperative efforts of students, staff and the community as TOTEM. Generations of Alberni Valley citizens have enjoyed this premier sporting event, which continues to be played before capacity crowds every year. TOTEM began in 1955 as a 4-team boys tournament and this format continued until 1982, when the tournament expanded to eight teams. TOTEM continued to be a boys only tournament until 2011 when female teams were invited to participate. The tournament expanded in 2012 to six teams for both boys and girls. With the construction of the new high school and the Alberni Athletic Hall in proximity, we were able to expand again in 2015 to include eight teams for both boys and girls. We have continued with this 16-team format ever since. Some tournaments are larger; some are more competitive; but none can claim the unwavering fan support, as well as school and community involvement that TOTEM generates.

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