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Arrival Information

Welcome to Canada! Thank you for choosing the Pacific Rim School District. Study hard, make friends, and take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity. We look forward to welcoming you to our district and community!

Before you leave home, you may want to know what to bring with you and what to expect.


The families caring for our international students offer a good standard of homestay accommodation, available in comfortable homes. Placements are carefully chosen by our homestay manager who maintains frequent contact with families and students to ensure satisfaction. Homestay fees are paid in advance, so there is no need to pay the homestay family once you’ve arrived.


We are on the West Coast of Canada and that means we are surrounded by mountains, trees, rivers, lakes, and the Pacific Ocean. Take advantage of the outdoor opportunities whenever possible whether it is a hike, bike ride, or walk, a trip to the beach, the lake, or up the mountain with your friends or homestay family.


Bring clothing for cold and wet weather: the best option to stay warm and dry is a fleece jacket with a rain jacket worn over top of it. A pair of winter boots, toque, scarf, and gloves are also important.


Adapter plug for electrical goods

Spending money


Pack your own bags. Do not carry anything for another person.

When you arrive at the airport you should have completed a Passenger Arrival Card. You must declare all food even if it is packaged. You are not allowed to bring fresh food into Canada.

You should not carry a large amount of cash.

You will go through Passport Control, Baggage Claim, and Customs.

Your homestay parents will be at the airport to meet you with a sign with your name on it.

You will then be taken to your new home.

If you get lost or cannot see your name on a sign, ring or WhatsApp message the Homestay Manager, Deb at 1-250-720-6913.


Most of you will arrive at least a couple of days before school starts and this will help you recover from jetlag and get ready for school.

There is an orientation at the school on Tuesday, September 5th @ 2:00pm. The international team will be there to meet you: me (Marc), Deb, and Anna.


You will be given a copy of your timetable at the orientation. There are four classes a day.

School begins at 08:30 and finishes at 15:10 (except for early dismissal on Fridays @ 13:22).

Your homestay family will provide you with lunch, but there is also a school cafeteria where you can buy your lunch if you would like.

If you are late, you must sign in at the school office. If you are absent for any reason, your homestay must notify the school by phone.

If you are sick during the school day, you should go to the school office.

There is a huge range of sports and cultural activities offered at school. We recommend you join a club or a team - it is the best way to get to know other students, and to enrich your school experience.


Your family has been specially chosen for you. They will act in place of your parents while you are in Canada.

All families have different habits and customs. It is important to find out what your new family expects of you. I have attached the Student Handbook for you. Please look it over and if you are unsure of anything make sure to discuss this with your homestay family or the homestay manager. It answers most of the main questions you may have about the school and living in Canada. It also includes all the homestay rules and guidelines you must follow while you are in Canada.


In Canada, the emergency telephone number for ambulance, police, or fire is 911.

If you need to see a doctor, please speak to your homestay parent or Homestay Manager Deb. There is medical insurance that we will explained to you once you have arrived.

If you have any questions, we are here to help you. Our desire is to keep you safe and for you to get the maximum benefit from your time with us!

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