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A typical school day...


Students typically get out of bed around 07:00 o'clock. 

Class schedule (Alberni District Secondary School):

Warning Bell - 08:30

Block A  -  08:35 - 10:00

Block B -  10:05 - 11:29

LUNCH -  11:29 - 12:05

Block C -  12:10 - 13:35

Block D -  13:40 - 15:04

**Friday is early dismissal at 13:25

Sports/Clubs activities (optional) can run from 15:15 - 16:30 (approx).

We run on a semester schedule, so courses run for 5-month semesters.  

The school year starts during the first week of September and finishes at the end of June. 

2-week holiday at Christmas time (dates vary a little from year to year)

2-week holiday in Spring Break in March (dates vary from year to year) 


We have new student intakes at the start of the semester (Sept and late Jan). 

Most International students come for a full-year (2 semesters Sept-June) or a single semester (5 months).  

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