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Jan 2023

"I really liked how things went in Port Alberni! I loved the school and my hostfamily was amazing !! The school was so beautiful and they had so many cool subjects to choose from! Additionally you could also do a lot of clubs after school. I did cross country and it was so cool !! We went on trips to competitions together and the mood was always so good. We also hosted a big race in Port Alberni. It was so fun and we were able to meet a lot of new friends, also a lot of internationals"  - Anika, Germany

"My host family is super lovely. After a few hours I was a member of the family. They planned to do so much with me, like surfing, fishing and all this kind of stuff. At school all the teachers help us wherever they can. The students are so nice, I found new friends really fast and they are happy to meet international students, so it is easy to find new friends. School is also easier than in Germany. It is a lot of fun to spend time with them and to learn how people live on another part of the world. I’m looking forward to the summer and the rest of the time here!"   - Louis, Germany

Ucluelet Secondary School (USS)

“I like it here because I can go surfing or fishing whenever I want because I am so close to the water. I would tell every person that has the opportunity to go on an exchange year as an international student that they should do it because it’s an amazing life-changing experience"  - Bertus, Netherlands


“I’m feeling very comfortable in my environment here and the little town-life fits me perfect…right next to the Pacific Ocean and the beauty of the BC nature enables me to make the best experience with the country life of Canada. The school experience with the USS is also great. Because the school is relatively small, it enables me to get close to the teacher and make friends easier.”  - Tobias, Germany

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