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EMR - Emergency Medical Responder Program

JIBC logoThis Academic Dual Credit course is offered through a partnership between SD70 and the Justice Institute of British Columbia. This course takes place at ADSS in 2nd Semester and will be delivered within the regularly scheduled timetable. Students will earn course credits at ADSS and EMR Certification through the Justice Institute of BC. Students may apply for this course during their Grade 11 year.
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
The Emergency Medical Responder Course is an entry-level medical course that trains candidates to respond to life-threatening medical conditions and traumatic emergencies. The EMR course is systematically designed to progress learners through all aspects of pre-hospital care including various treatment guidelines and medical protocols. The course also focuses heavily on enhancing situational management skills, confidence and communication within the context of emergency medicine and pre-hospital care. As learners develop through the course, they are introduced to essential concepts of emergency medicine and establish a basic foundation in medical terminology, human anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and clinical science. The skills and training attained through the EMR course meet and exceed occupational first aid training. Employment opportunities for licensed Emergency Medical Responders may include Ambulance services, Fire and Rescue services, Occupational or Industrial first aid settings and more.
For up to date EMR costs, contact the ADSS Career Centre at 250-723-1191.
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