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What is SOGI education

What is SOGI education

SOGI stands for sexual orientation and gender identity. Since we all have a sexual orientation and gender identity, it includes all of us. Every student understands and expresses their gender differently, with interests and choices that are common or less common for their gender. Some students may be unsure of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Others may identify specifically as lesbian, gay, straight, bisexual, queer, two-spirit, transgender, cisgender, non-binary, or other. A SOGI-inclusive school means all of these experiences and identities (of students and their families) are welcomed, embraced, and never cause for discrimination. SOGI is one of many topics about diversity discussed regularly in schools, such as when educators speak about race, ethnicity, religion, and ability. SOGI-inclusive education simply means speaking about SOGI in a way that ensures every student feels like they belong. There is no separate and distinct SOGI program or curriculum.  Sexual orientation and gender identity are important topics that are interwoven through several curriculum areas and school activities. How the topics are introduced to students is dependent on the age and stage of their development.  These topics may also be discussed as they arise in the daily lives of students.

Video Link: SOGI in Elementary Schools

Video Link: SOGI in Secondary Schools

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