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Schools will accept registrations for the 2024/2025 school year starting Thursday, February 1, 2024. Registration timelines, priorities and processes are outlined in various policies, procedures and appendices noted below, and it is especially important that parents review P500 Appendix II – Documentation for Student Registration to understand which documents are required as part of a student registration package. In particular, proof of age and proof of residence documents are required to determine grade placement, funding and catchment area. Without these documents, schools are not able to process student registrations.  Please ensure that you have the necessary documents and understand that a registration will not be complete until the school has all the required documents.

If you are uncertain about your child’s catchment area, use the School Locator feature to determine school catchment. Use your STREET NAME (capitals are required) to find out which elementary school is your neighbourhood school.

In addition to hardcopy registration packages, electronic registration packages will also be accepted for the 2023/2024 school year. Both hardcopy and electronic registrations are treated equally.  All required documents must be in the school’s possession to consider a registration package as complete and complete packages will be prioritized by the date and time they are received whether they are sent via email or handed into the school office.  Electronic registrations submitted outside of normal school office hours will be date and time stamped as of the next regular school day. 

Those interested in registering electronically rather than in-person can use the following form:

Electronic Registration Form

Registration Documents:
501 Enrolment Eligibility
500 Student Admission and School of Choice
500 App I - Timelines for Student Registration
500 App II Checklist - Documentation for Student Registration
500 App III Student Registration Form
500 App IV Out of Catchment Request Form
5000 Catchment Areas
5001 Registration Procedure
Kindergarten Placement A/P
Boarding Allowance Application Package
Student Technology User Agreement Form

Registering electronically avoids the need to register in-person.  It is not an online process but rather an opportunity to email required forms and documents directly to the school.  Schools will review submitted documents to ensure completeness, and then confirm with parents once the registration package is ready to be processed at the school.  All required documents must be in the school’s possession to consider a registration package as complete.  This is particularly important for French Immersion registrations as classroom space is often limited.

Registering electronically involves three basic steps:

1. Complete Registration Form

  1. The registration form can be completed using either a scanned hardcopy of the form located at P500: Appendix III or a saved version of the fillable electronic registration form above. The fillable registration form does not automatically save and requires that you save the form as a separate pdf document, otherwise it will be received as a blank document.

2. Provide Required Documents

  1. Digitize (scan) and save copies of required documents as described in P500: Appendix II
  1. Primary documentation for proof of age
  2. Primary documentation for “ordinarily resident
  3. Documentation for determining catchment area
  4. Most recent report card from previous school
  5. Any other relevant legal documentation is necessary (ie. custody/guardianship orders)

3. Prepare and Send Email

  1. Dedicated registration email addresses for each school can be found on the district website under school contact information here. List of Schools – Schools – SD70 Pacific Rim
  2. If this is an out-of-catchment registration request, it is required that you copy the students current/neighbourhood school on the new registration email.
  3. Email subject line: Registration – Student Name, DOB (mm/dd/yyyy)
  4. Attach a copy of the registration form and all required documents.
  5. Send.

Parents can expect an email response from the school confirming the registration package is complete and is being processed OR requesting additional information or documentation required to complete the registration.  Once the registration package is deemed complete, the process follows timelines and priorities outlined in SD70 Policy 500: Appendix 1.

This is a relatively new option for SD70 Pacific Rim and we ask for your patience as we add this electronic option to our registration process.  School offices are busy places and if you haven’t heard from the school in a timely manner, call the school to follow up on the registration.

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