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Congratulations Koyah Morgan

Koyah Morgan pink shirts

Artist Statement:

“This piece is inspired by unconditional love and support, designed to encapsulate the

feeling of support and your ability to “uplift” those around you. It’s important for all of us to remember that we really do carry the hearts of others in our hands.”

  • Koyah Morgan

Hey SD70, 

I was recently contacted by my principal, Drew Ryan, in regard to writing a small personal statement for my artwork.

I wanted to showcase empathy in a way that I hadn’t seen done before. In the process of designing this piece, I had to combine elements of colloquial symbolism and inspiration from traditional form line art. A secondary aspect of this piece was the symmetry of the design. I’d intended to represent balance and equality, which is why I actually mirrored one half of my draft in order to create the final copy.

To me, pink shirt day is important as bullying is something that I feel majority of youth end up experiencing in one way or another. I think the most important thing to take away from this national day is to be conscious of how your actions can affect others and remember that there are resources available should anyone every need help. Communication is vital in order to find a solution, especially considering how the method of bullying has changed over the past decade. Cyberbullying is more prevalent than ever, and it’s a tricky one to tackle because of how privately it happens. 

It’s hard to identify victim of cyberbullying, and that makes it hard for support systems to step in and help. Not only is it harder to recognize, but I think it’s easier for people to bully through a phone than it is face-to-face. There is so much negativity spread online, and that’s why I was honored to be able to spread positivity through the three online broadcasts I participated in for Pink Shirt Day. I think all of our social feeds could use a little more positivity and support. Remember your power, use it for good!

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