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School and District Policies

School and District Policies




Please call the school to report any absences or late arrivals (250) 723-7521.   You can also e-mail this information to us at:



To ensure our students’ safety, we are asking that if you are picking up your child by car, that you stay out of the bus loop (the paved area on the west end of the school).  This will allow a safe way for children to cross to Tebo and will also enable the buses to park and exit.  We realize that pick up is a problem at our school because of our roads, but we need to establish patterns that will ensure student safety.  Please follow the traffic patterns outlined in our September newsletters.  - Choosing one direction for Tebo and circling through Shaughnessy and Strathcona for the second - instead of driving on Tebo twice.



At John Howitt School we see great value in getting together as a whole school community to enjoy performances, to learn from guest speakers and to celebrate each other.  Students are called to the gym over the PA in a specific order by administration and are dismissed out of the gym in a specific order. A seating plan is created each year, please become familiar with your classes seating placement and exit door.  Classes closest to the door begin first and will be invited by the staff member closing the assembly.


Students are expected to be quiet and polite and to take off all hats. Teachers are expected to lead students in and out of the gym.  Also, teachers are asked to sit near their classes and to remind students of proper audience behavior before classes are called to the gym. 


  • Students must sit as a class during the assembly
  • Please review assembly etiquette while you wait (no screaming/yelling, listening not talking during performance, clap at appropriate moments).



To gain the most from their educational experience students must attend regularly.  Please provide a note if your child has been absent.  See Absent/Late section for directions if your student will be absent or late.



Each teacher has developed a code of behavior that will contribute to a positive learning environment. Each classroom code of behavior is aligned with the school code of conduct. This code of behavior will be communicated to and/or discussed with the students in the first weeks of operation of the school.  Please discuss the expected behavior with your son and/or daughter and feel free to contact your teacher at any time.  Refer to the student planner or handbook often throughout the year to review school policy and expectations.



When you arrive to school in the morning, you need to remain on school property until you are dismissed to go home. We do this to be able to supervise all students and ensure your safety to your parents. This means that at recess and lunch time you will have access to designated parts of the school campus but cannot leave school grounds. Exceptions to this rule must be approved by the school Principal



Information on SD 70 policy on communicating student learning can be found at under policy 602.



If a student becomes involved with drugs or alcohol during school hours or at a school function that student will be suspended from school pursuant to the School Board Policy outlined below:


“The Board of School Trustees will not condone any involvement with illegal drugs, or the illegal use of drugs or alcohol by pupils during school hours or at any school functions that take place inside or outside of the district’s geographical boundaries.”


It is the policy of the Board of School Trustees that if the Board is satisfied that a pupil was willfully involved with illegal drugs or alcohol, that pupil may be suspended for five school days.   Subsequent involvement by that pupil in the use of drugs or alcohol at a school function shall result in a suspension of greater than five days.  



On occasion, a student may need to leave school prior to regular morning or afternoon dismissal time.  If a student needs to leave early, please send a note stating the time and reason for the request.  The student is to sign out at the main office and not leave until an adult has also signed or there has been communication with the school.



In addition to regular fire drills, teachers and students discuss and practice Earthquake procedures.  In the event of a disaster, it is important that parents note the following:


  1. No pupils will be dismissed from school unless a parent or designate comes for them. Please keep the school informed of any changes in emergency contact with updated telephone numbers.
  2. Phone calls to the school are discouraged.  We need to maintain open phone lines for emergency use.
  3. Do not immediately drive to school so that streets may be available.
  4. for emergency vehicles.
  5. Stay tuned to the local radio station to obtain emergency information and directions.
  6. Communication and cooperation between parents and teachers will help to ensure a happy and successful experience for students.



If a student becomes ill the family will be contacted so the pupil can be taken home.  If both parents or guardians are unavailable, a call will be made to the emergency contact person.  Please make sure school records are up to date with contact name and phone number.



The role of our Program Planner (IST) is primarily to provide programs and resources which assist the school in meeting a variety of individual student needs. We do have the support of a District Elementary Counselor one day each week, who supports our students, staff, and families.



Students who bring knives to school will have them confiscated.  Knives are not welcome at school.  Incidents involving knives can result in suspension.



Children are encouraged to check out books and renew books on a regular basis.  Kindergarten, Grade One, and Grade Two children may borrow one book at a time and Grades Three to Seven at least two books at a time.  Books are signed out on a two-week loan basis; book exchanges can be through Class Time Book-Exchange that has been arranged with the teachers.



Unfortunately, the school “loses” about 20 books per year.  This is very costly and so the following Lost Book procedure has been implemented in incremental steps:

  1. The student is informed and asked to return the book as soon as possible.
  2. A notice is sent home regarding the book.
  3. If the book has not been found or returned within the next month, payment for the book may be requested.
  4. Should the book be returned after it has been paid for, the money will be cheerfully refunded.

Note: Payment will be required for any damaged book.

  1. The return of all books found belonging to John Howitt library (no matter how old) will be greatly appreciated.



Late students are to sign in at the main office before going to class.



A Lost and Found container is maintained in the school.  Periodically there will be a general display of items for pupils to check.  Parents are welcome to visit the school at any time to check for lost items.


Three times a year, - Christmas, Spring Break and June these items will be displayed, anything unclaimed will be delivered to a local charity.


To help prevent items from becoming lost, we would request that all items be clearly marked with the pupil’s name.



The Parents’ Advisory Council is an integral part of the school and all parents are encouraged to become involved.  If you wish information on the PAC, please contact the principal.


Ways to become involved:


PAC Membership

Food Helper

Field Trips

Classroom Events

Fun Fair Supporter


All parent help is gratefully accepted.



The Board of School Trustees has established a policy of suspending any student from school for five days if they are detected on a school roof, at any time, without the expressed permission of the principal.


This position has been taken to, firstly, protect the children from an obvious hazard and, secondly, to protect school district property from further damage.  It is not our intention to suspend students, but if students do not heed this warning to remain off school roofs, they can expect to see this policy applied consistently.



Students are not allowed to be in possession of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or devices for vaping on school premises or at any school sponsored function.  If students become involved in smoking, parents will be notified.  Further occurrences may result in suspension.


No one can smoke or consume marijuana on, or near our school grounds.



On occasion throughout the school year, your child’s picture may be taken.  Usually the pictures highlight sports, cultural, seasonal, and special events.   Sometimes teachers use these photos within the classroom and school in relation to motivation and learning activities.   Pictures may also be displayed through the public media such as a Ministry of Education publication, a school district calendar or booklet, local newspaper, or our John Howitt webpage or Face Book page or on television.  If you have a concern about this practice and you do not want your child’s picture displayed, please notify your school principal as soon as possible.



Students should only be using the telephone for emergency purposes.  Students are not permitted to use the phone to make plans for after school social activities. Students may use the phone to notify you that they are staying at school to finish work, for extracurricular activities etc. Students need to have the permission of their Teacher, the School Secretary or Administrator prior to using the phone.



It is everyone’s responsibility to keep our school clean and free from litter. Litter includes spitting on the ground. Aside from being unsightly and contributing to make our school dirty, spitting on the ground contributes to the spreading of germs that can cause students to get sick. School cleanliness includes classrooms, the hallways, washrooms, the walkways and the school grounds.  Please make sure you use the garbage and recycling bins located throughout the school. 



When transporting students in a private vehicle, School District #70 Regulations state that use of seat belts is mandatory.   If students are transported, each person must have a seat belt.  In addition, a School Board Policy states that parents or teachers voluntarily transporting pupils to participate in school activities must have a minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance coverage.  Many insurance agencies are recommending $2,000,000.


Further:  No elementary school age child should be placed in the front passenger seat of a vehicle with an air bag, if the air bag cannot be de-activated.  If the child in question is your own child, the decision to place the child in the front passenger seat is at your discretion.


Booster seats are required for children until they are 9 years of age, unless they have reached the height of 145 cm. (4’9” tall)



Due to privacy issues, please let the office know if you would not like pictures or videos taken of your child for school purposes (e.g. newspaper articles or school/class slideshows).







Positive face-to-face social interactions are encouraged and are an important part of your child’s development. It is for this reason the items from home, iPod, iPad, Game Boys, DS systems and Remote-control cars are not permitted at school. In addition, these items can be expensive so, the school cannot be responsible the damage or loss of these items if they are brought to school.



Cell phones may be brought to school but must be kept in the student’s bag as soon as they arrive at school. CELL PHONES ARE NOT TO BE USED AT SCHOOL DURING THE DAY! Cell phones may not be used in the change rooms or washrooms, or between classes. Students should not use their personal cell phones to make contact with home and/or their parent/guardians during school hours unless under the direction of a teacher or administrator.   If students are ill or need to communicate with a family member they are asked to check in with their teacher, or the office, so we can ensure their well-being and safety.



Due to privacy issues, the only students who are permitted to take pictures, or make videos, at school are those students doing so under the direction of a staff member and for an approved project or course. Permission must be given by both the teacher and the student being photographed. Other students who take pictures with their own cameras and cell phones without permission from a staff member will have these items confiscated and the pictures deleted. 


The school will not be held responsible for any misplaced, lost, or stolen items. It is the responsibility of students to lock up and protect their personal belongings.


There are escalating consequences for the inappropriate use of technology equipment and cell phones: 


1st Offence: Item is confiscated and taken to the office. The item is returned to the student at the end of the day. Any item confiscated will be documented by an Administrator.


2nd Offence: Item is confiscated and taken to the office. The item is returned to the student at the end of the day. Phone call home to parents or guardians to discuss concerns about the use of technology items at school.


3rd Offence: Item is confiscated and taken to the office.  Item will be returned only to a parent, and at a meeting with School Administrators. Students may receive a suspension for repeated defiance. The length of suspension will be determined by the Principal and Vice Principal.


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