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Staff Directory 2022-2023


Mr. Craig 
Mme Chantal    



Mme Megan HodgsonGr. 7    French Immersion
Mr. Jeff BordalGr. 6/7  French
Mrs. Jay DyerGr. 6/
Mr. Keith HolmGr.
Mme Pam ChandlerGr. 5     French Immersion 
Mr. Andrew TuckGr. 4/5 
Mme Megan Paterson
Mme Heidi Anderson / Kim Ethier
Gr. 4/ /
M. Luke McIvorGr. 4     French 
Mrs. Kathy RuelGr. 3/
Mme Lindsay McIvorGr. 3        French 
Mme Carlee HolmGr. 2/3     French  
Ms. Kelsey McLellandGr. 2/
Mme Josee Baillargeon / Daina FreigangGr. 2        French / 
Mme Erin WatkinsGr. 1        French Immersion 
Mrs. Tammy PetroneGr. 1/ 
Mme Nadine SextonK/1          French 
Mrs. Sonia OrganK/ 
Mme Maureen MillerK             French 

Ms. Maureen GrayInclusion 
Ms. Brittney BordalLiteracy Lead/ Gr. 6/7/ 
Mme Megan PatersonFine Arts - Music 
Mrs. Krista AasenIndigenous Support/Fine 
Mme Jessica HallIndigenous Support/ 
Mrs. Kathy RuelIndigenous 
Mrs. Jay DyerDistrict ASSAI  




Ms. Janet BengoughTeaching 
Ms. Carley GitelmanTeaching
Ms. Mary Jane McCollTeaching 
Mrs. Renee MonrufetTeaching 
Mrs. Kelly SpencerTeaching 
Ms. Kyla MacDonaldTeaching
Mme Leanne Rheault
French Teaching Assistant

Ms. Erika
Ms. Irene 

Mrs. Ann ChandlerNoon Hour Supervisor

Mr. Dennis GrannemanCustodian
Ms. Holly GibsonCustodian













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