E.J. Dunn Elementary School
Dunn O.R.C.A.S
​École E.J. Dunn Middle School Athletics
École E.J. Dunn Middle School is dedicated to providing access to sports for all of its students in a caring, safe and organized environment.  We would encourage all of our students that are interested, to involve themselves in our many sports programs.   The goal of the EJ Dunn athletic program is to promote improvement in our student-athletes both on and off the field.  This is accomplished by instilling a strong work ethic and a desire for improvement in our students through the medium of practice, hard work, and interscholastic competition.
If you have any questions you can contact the École E.J. Dunn Middle School Athletic Director,
Mike Mahovlic.
Contact by phone: 250-723-7522
Sports Offered:
 A number of lunchtime intramural sports will be available for students throughout the school year (September – June).  These events are organized and run by teacher and student volunteers.  Possible activities for the upcoming school year include but are not limited to: soccer, hockey, basketball and badminton.  Each intramural tournament is made up of Core vs. Core (class vs. class) games where the eventual winning core for each grade level will play a final game against the teachers.  
A group of runners who meet for about a month of runs in October to gear up for the district cross country meet which usually occurs the first week of November.  A student does not have to run with our group in order to participate at the district level as kids who like to run generally get lots of "training" in throughout the week with other activities.  We hope for more participants in the future so if a student is even moderately interested in this life long activity, please listen for the announcements starting in September every year.
EJ Dunn Middle School consistently has one of the top middle school wrestling programs in BC and arguably Canada.  Wrestling practices start in early November and run through to the middle of February. Wrestling takes place every Monday and Wednesday after school from 3:00 – 4:30 in the wrestling room.   All boys and girls are welcome to attend regardless of experience or ability.   New wrestlers are welcome at every practice.   Wrestling is a great way to have fun, be healthy, relieve excess energy, and travel to out of town tournaments.   Let us see if there is a future Olympian like Travis Cross at our school.  If you are even a little bit interested bring your PE strip and come try a practice out.   For more information contact Mr. Messenger or visit www.alberniwrestling.ca
EJ Dunn has a Rugby team that is typically offered late March through to May.  Rugby is a sport that is inclusive.  It is for boys and girls Grades 6 – 8.  We invite boys and girls to participate in the after school program and use the opportunity to develop their skills further.  It is a sport for boys and girls of all shapes and sizes.  Coaches will organize practices and games so that students are participating with students of similar skill level and size.  Our goal is to make sure the experience is safe, fun, and rewarding for everyone involved. Contact Mr. Messenger at school or jmessenger@sd70.bc.ca for more information.
Track and Field:
EJ Dunn soccer season commences immediately after Spring Break and lasts for approximately two months. Our Soccer program is open to boys and girls of all grades. Practices and games will be held on Tuesday's and Thursday's after school. Emphasis will be placed on development and fun. Our teams will participate in small-sided games locally and in neighboring communities. Please see Mr. Waldriff for any additional information.
EJ Dunn’s Athletic Policy:
1. Inclusion Policy
At EJ Dunn every student will be given an opportunity to participate on a school team. At the Grade 6 and 7 levels, a "no-cut" (based on athletic ability) policy exists whereby every student will receive as close to equal playing time in all exhibition, league and playoff games.
A "no-cut" (based on athletic ability) policy is also in effect for Grade 8 students; however, students will not necessarily receive equal playing time. After selecting a core group of student athletes, and where the effort, commitment, and fair play of the athlete warrants, the coach will keep alternate players provided that the following guidelines are observed:
I.  The "playing team" will be clearly identified to all.
II. The coach will personally and individually explain to each alternate that he/she may stay with the team and practice with the team, but he/she may not play regularly with the team in certain game situations.  The coach must clearly communicate to the alternates what his/her role with the team will be.
2. Eligibility
Participants in extra-curricular activities must be mindful of their school responsibilities and be aware that these come first and foremost.  Although academic standing is not a criteria for inclusion/exclusion in extra-curricular activities, students with who are not meeting course expectations or have unsatisfactory work habits may be asked to withdraw from activities. This decision will be made in consultation with classroom teachers, coaches, administrators, and/or parents.
Students who are not able to meet the general citizenship and behavior expectations of the school may also be excluded from participation. The EJ Dunn ‘ROCKS’ Code of Conduct applies to all students during their involvement with any curricular or extra-curricular activity including meetings, field trips, practices, games, and tournaments.  Students who disregard the Code of Conduct or the guidelines of their coach and/or teacher sponsor may face the same consequences as if they had been in a normal school activity.
3. Student Commitment and Responsibilities
Ø  Team members are expected to act in such a way that will bring credit to their team and school in accordance with the EJ Dunn Code of Conduct.
Ø  To be eligible to compete, athletes must show a commitment to the practice expectations set out by the coach.
Ø  When a student will be absent from one or more classes due to involvement in an extra-curricular event, he/she will be required to have permission from all of his/her teachers whose classes they will be missing.
Ø  Students may be expected to help with team costs (busses, tournament fees, and refereeing) by fundraising throughout or prior to the sports season.
Ø  Students may be expected to help with scoring, timing, or officiating at competitions.