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Internet Safety Presentation by student writer Cassia Johnson

November 26, 2013

On November 7th, 2013, Darren Laur, also known as “The White Hatter”, did a presentation in our auditorium about personal safety while using the internet. Darren does presentations regularly throughout British Columbia and The United States regarding internet awareness. He informed students and teachers about online safety, and what to do to prevent being “hacked”. Darren explained one of the ways to prevent being “hacked” was how to turn off location services for pictures you take so they won’t be traced back to you.  He also spoke of certain websites which use personal information inappropriately. An example of a website that uses your information inappropriately is Facebook. Facebook reserves the right to use photographs posted to their website any way they see fit. Darren has 27 years of law enforcement under his belt so he knows from experience that the internet isn’t always safe and that harm may come through the indiscriminate use of it. At the end of the presentation he explained to us what the term “White Hatter” means. “White Hatter” is the definition of a person who uses the internet for good and helps stop the “Black Hatters” (bad internet users) from causing harm. An example of what a “Black Hatter” will do is, copy a picture of the victim’s face to an inappropriate image and say it is the victim to blackmail them.