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Staff Directory

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Principal​ ​Vice-Principal​ Vice-Principal​
Mr. R. Souther
Mr. N. Seredick ​​​Local 2406 Mrs. J. Badovinac
Local 2411

​Vice-Principal ​​​​Accountant​ Security / Auditorium
Mr. C. Poole Local 2404  Ms. Nikki Levasseur ​​​Local 2403 Mr. L. Marsh ​Local 2483
Counselors ​​​
Mr. J. McDonald​ Local 2408 Ms. C. Graydon​ ​Local 2409 ​​Mr. R. Ostwald ​​​Local ​2410

Youth Care Staff
​First Nations
​Ms. C. Buchan Local 2418 Ms. M. Hamelin Local 2419 Ms. D. Gallic ​Local 2417

Ms. N. White
(Advising Centre/Student Records)

​​​Local 2412 Ms. H. Cruikshank
(Admin Systems)
​Loc​al 2407 Mrs. C. Brooks
(Main Office)​
​​​Local 2401
Ms. E. McLeod
Local 2402 Off.
 Local 2420 Lib.
​Mrs. T.A. Wynans
(Career Centre)
Local 2413

Ms. K. AbercrombieLocal 2474
Ms. J. AndersonLocal 2468
Mr. J. Arnett Local 2441 
Ms. L. Aspell
​Local 4414
Mr. C. Barber​Local 2433
​​Mr. K. Bauer​​​Local 2431
Mr. D. Bill ​Local 2440 ​Ms. L. Bill 
Local 2420
Mr. P. Affleck 
(for E. Waldriff)         
Mr. R. Bodnar    Local 2458 Ms. M. Campbell            ​​Local 5418 Ms. J. Chambers​ Local 2461
Mr. D. Chase​            Local 2458           ​​ Mr. B. Clark ​Local 2479
Mr. J. Contant            Local 2460 Mr. T. Crosby   ​Local 2459 Ms. D. Dalton ​Local 2425
Ms. C Dornian  
(for M. Turner)
 Local 2456
Mr. D. Duperron ​Local 2481 Mr. R. Dvorak             Local 2499          
Ms. C. Ellis            Local 2467
        Mr. G. Freethy
(Career Centre)           

Local 2415
Ms. T. Gallagher Local 2486
Mr. R. Gaucher            Local ​2455 ​​Ms. K. GibsonLocal 2459
Mr. R. GillLocal ​2485
​Ms. M Gillis            Local ​2464
Ms. D. GuentherLocal 2477
Mr. C. Hall(on leave) ​Mr. R. Hall            Local 2475 Ms. N. Hamaguchi            Local 4465
Hartman         Local ​2446
​​Ms. S. Hopkins Local 2423 Ms. L. HurstLocal 2466
Ms. A. Jack​
(Learning Center)
Local 2443 ​Ms. J. JohnsonLocal ​4468
Ms. L. Kolba

Mr. R. Kristensen           (Tech Support)

Local 2489 Mr. J. Kynoch            Local 2454 Mr. M. Lane​
Mr. A. Loudon            Blog
Local 2438
Mr. M. Markin            Local 2499
Mr. B. Matlock            Local 2493     
Mr. S. Merwin
Local 2422 
Mr. D. Mott ​Local 2434
​​Mr. T. OrganLocal 2473
​Ms. A. OstwaldLocal 2471
Mr. N. Parmar
(Career Centre) 
Local 2416 ​Mr. J. ParsonsLocal 2436
​Ms. M. Pearson ​Local 2476 ​Ms. A. Pohar ​Local 2470 Ms. J. PrestonLocal 2435
Ms. M. Pritchard​Local 2463
Ms. K. RalstonLocal  2439
Mr. M. RandallLocal  2469
Ms. R. Reynolds Local 2472 Mr. M. Roberts            Local 2424 Ms. J. Rogers            Local 2468
Mr. S. Rust            Local 2432  Mr. G. PurewalLocal 2451
Mr. A. SeredickLocal 2449
Ms. S. Smith​            Local 2478 Mr. N. Stoddart ​​Local 2442 Mr. I. Thomas      Webpage
Local 2414
Mr. M. Tremblay Webpage      
Local 2462      
               Mr. E. Waldriff
​on leave
Mr. J. WallLocal 2448
​Mr. G. Wheatley             Ms. D. Wood  Local 2452  
​Ms. S. YorkLocal 2453



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