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Prom Info

Prom Parade - Registration form available here 2018 ADSS PROM PARADE REGISTRATION.docx​​

All things Prom…What you need to know...

On the day of Prom:

• 11:00 am - 4:00 pm: Rollin Art Center Gardens is open for photos for family and friends. Everyone welcome. 

4:00 pm - Marshalling of the Prom Parade starts. 3500 block of Anderson AVE beside the old high school site and Burde Beans. Parade to start at 5:30pm. EVERYONE WELCOME – All participants must pre-register. Forms available at the grad table or on- line. Return by Friday June 1st. Please note: if students are not participating in the parade please be on site at the Athletic hall by 6pm for a group photo.

Athletic Hall Parking – The entire parking lot will be blocked off until after the PROM Parade is finished. This is for safety reasons. For students who are driving themselves in the parade, you will need a person to come pick up your vehicle immediately (as you exit your vehicle) to park the vehicle or take home. Your pick up person can be dropped off at North Island College and walk into the designated pick up area by 530pm in advance to avoid a traffic jam. This will be an assembly line and needs to be efficient.

5:45 pm - RED CARPET PHOTOS will happen at the end of the Prom Parade outside of the Athletic Hall. Once students exit their vehicle they will be escorted to the Red Carpet entrance – photos will be taken by a photographer (that will be complimentary and available on-line after prom). Students will then enter their designated / marshalling area (Sorry no parents - STUDENTS and GUESTS only).

6:30 pm - GROUP PHOTO - It is planned to get one large group photo of PROM 2018 participants. This will happen inside the marshalling area (photo will be available on line after). Once photo is taken, students will then line up to enter the event.

6:45 pm – Doors are open. 7pm- Prom begins **students and dates only. Each student, guest and volunteer will pass through security. Only students, guests and volunteers on our master list will be permitted. This is an alcohol and drug free event. If you are in possession of either OR appear to be under the influence you will be asked to leave immediately and will not be permitted to return. NO REFUNDS will be given if you do not pass security or if asked to leave. This is a DRY event. This applies to all grads, guests and volunteers.

• PROM is a SMOKE FREE event. No one will be able to leave to smoke. If you leave for any reason you will not be permitted back in the event.

• Students will be remaining in their outfits for the entire evening- no changing. Girls will be allowed purses. Bags / back packs will not be allowed. Students are welcome to bring a phone charger as we will have a supervised area that you can check in your phone for charging as we understand that this is a long day and you will want to take pictures etc.

• 7pm start - Fun activities, prizes, food, music etc. It will be a night to remember!

• 1 AM - Prom will end. – Prom will end.

Check out the Facebook groups and page at the links below for more information: