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​In order to play downloaded videos from Learn360 or Criterion, you must install the DRM Video player on the machine you want to play the video on.  Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems use information about the computer and the user to secure their copyright protection. 


To install the Criterion DRM Player, go to the Criterion web page, select a video, select download, and follow the instructions to download the player.  This will install the Criterion Silverlight DRM player on your desktop, for the computer you are using ONLY.


Downloaded videos MUST be saved to the DOWNLOADS folder.  This saves the file on your local computer instead of saving to the server.  The DOWNLOADS folder is NOT shared between computers.  Videos saved on one machine are ONLY available on that machine. You cannot share the downloaded video between computers or between users.


The Download Player will only work on the computer you installed it on.  If you change computers, the Criterion Player link will show up, but will only work on the machine it was originally installed on.  Downloaded videos will only play on the machine it was downloaded on.


Both the Learn360 Player and the Criterion Player work for downloads from both websites.


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Download Video 1.PNG

Download Video 2.PNG