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at Alberni District Secondary
The Youth Work in Trades program provides skill development through practical, hands-on work experience. Students enrolled in this program go to work and attend high school at the same time. That means they have found an employer who is willing to take them on and pay them as an apprentice – at least until their high school graduation.
Open to students in Grades 10-12, participants earn up to 16 credits towards their high school diploma, log 480 training hours toward their trade credential and potentially earn a $1,000 scholarship from the Industry Training Authority (ITA). Youth Train in Trades (formerly known as ACE-IT) and Youth Work in Trades (formerly known as SSA) programs can be taken in any order and there are no prerequisites.
$1000 Scholarship Criteria
Students who are eligible for the Secondary School Apprenticeship scholarship will automatically be considered for the award. To be eligible an Industry Training Authority (ITA)-registered youth apprentice must have:
  • Been registered in a Secondary School Apprenticeship Program prior to graduation
  • Graduated with a Grade 12 Dogwood Diploma or Adult Dogwood
  • Successfully completed SSA 11A, SSA 11B, SSA 12A, and SSA 12B
  • Maintained a C+ average or better on Grade 12 numbered courses
  • Reported a total of at least 900 hours to the ITA within six months of graduation
  • Board Established Guidelines - Youth Work in Trades
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at all secondary schools
Students may apply for post-secondary certificate programs and university transfer courses during their Grade 11 year. The offerings can be at various post-secondary institutions, though most are with North Island College in Port Alberni and will vary from year to year.
These are offered as a partnership between School District 70 and North Island College. Students enrolled in certificate programs attend a full-time program at North Island College in their Grade 12 year and they are sponsored by the School District. As part of this agreement, SD70 (Alberni) will pay the student's tuition. As well, students will earn credits at both their High School and NIC. Current offerings include:
  • Health Care Assistant
  • Early Childhood Care & Education
  • Business Administration
  • Educational Assistant/Community Support Certificates
University Transfer Academic Courses
Academic Dual Credit courses are offered as a partnership between School District 70 and North Island College. Students enrolled in these courses typically attend NIC in the afternoons of their 2nd Semester in Grade 12, taking one or two post-secondary courses. As part of this agreement, SD70 (Alberni) will pay the student's tuition. As well, students will earn credits at both their High School and NIC. The course selection varies each year and has included: English, Psychology, Criminology and Biology.
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at Alberni District Secondary School
JIBC logoThis Academic Dual Credit course is offered through a partnership between SD70 and the Justice Institute of British Columbia. This course takes place at ADSS in 2nd Semester and will be delivered within the regularly scheduled timetable. Students will earn course credits at ADSS and EMR Certification through the Justice Institute of BC. Students may apply for this course during their Grade 11 year.
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
The Emergency Medical Responder Course is an entry-level medical course that trains candidates to respond to life-threatening medical conditions and traumatic emergencies. The EMR course is systematically designed to progress learners through all aspects of pre-hospital care including various treatment guidelines and medical protocols. The course also focuses heavily on enhancing situational management skills, confidence and communication within the context of emergency medicine and pre-hospital care. As learners develop through the course, they are introduced to essential concepts of emergency medicine and establish a basic foundation in medical terminology, human anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and clinical science. The skills and training attained through the EMR course meet and exceed occupational first aid training. Employment opportunities for licensed Emergency Medical Responders may include Ambulance services, Fire and Rescue services, Occupational or Industrial first aid settings and more.
For up to date EMR costs, contact the ADSS Career Centre at 250-723-1191.
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at all secondary schools
Work experience is intended to help prepare students for the transition from secondary school to the world of work or further education and training. The community becomes the classroom where students gain knowledge and experience about the workplace and are provided with a frame of reference to review or revise their career goals. Work experience students will have the opportunity to observe and practice generic employability skills, explore career choices to make informed decisions, and Increase self-confidence and self-awareness. In some cases, students practice technical skills relating to specific occupations and obtain references and contacts that will assist with future job searches.
Work Experience as a Graduation Requirement:
To satisfy graduation requirements, all students must complete a minimum of 30 hours of work or volunteer experience. This graduation requirement recognizes the importance of experiential learning and the importance of extending education beyond the classroom into the community.
Work Experience as a Credited Course (open to students in Grades 10, 11 or 12):
Work experience 12A & 12B are Ministry authorized courses intended to provide students with the knowledge and skills to be successful in the world of work, and the opportunity to explore their chosen career path. These 100+ hour courses are designed to link classroom knowledge and activities to skills and attitudes that are required in the work place. Students will receive four (4) credits per course (WEX12A or WEX12B).
at Alberni District Secondary School
Youth Train in Trades saves time and money by getting a head start on the technical training for an apprenticeship program while students are still in high school. Students attend a trades training class at a partner post-secondary or a certified training facility where they learn from skilled instructors and earn credits that count towards both their high-school diploma and Level 1 of their technical training.
Current partnerships include:
North Island College
North Island College (Port Alberni Campus)
  • Automotive Service Technician Foundation
  • Welder Foundation
  • Cabinetry/Joinery Foundation
  • Professional Cook
North Island College (Regional Campuses)
  • Electrical Foundation
  • Carpentry Foundation
  • Plumbing & Piping Foundation
alter ego logo
Alter Ego Studio and Cosmetology Institute
  • Dual Credit Hairdressing Diploma Program
Students can apply if they:
  • Are in high school (apply in Gr. 11 for acceptance in Gr. 12 year)
  • Will finish your training within 3 months of graduating.
  • Will be under 20 when they complete the program.
As part of the agreement, SD70 will pay full tuition for NIC programs and a portion of the Alter Ego tuition.
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