Fullerton - Mathematics Workshop

Teachers and administrators from nearly every school in the district gathered on November 18th at the Eighth Avenue Learning Centre to attend a workshop presented by Carole Fullerton. Working together, School District 70 and the ADTU professional Development Committee were able to secure Carole of Mind-Full Consulting to present to our K to 9 teachers and staff. 

The morning session focused on number sense in primary classes while the afternoon session focused on multiplicative thinking that catered to intermediate and junior high levels. Teachers were enlightened with conceptual thinking that steered clear of wrote memorization and focused on the process of creative investigation. Carole's approach used hands on strategies and entertaining games that that were inclusive and accessible to all. Teachers learned that students in advanced classes as well as primary and intermediate classes can benefit from use of mathematical manipulatives and multiplicative thinking. Participants were smiling ear to ear as they practiced fun, collaborative, and energetic math games.