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We are pleased to announce that the SIS EARS Production environment is live and ready for use as of today, Monday, Oct. 29, 2012.
Thank you for participating in the SIS EARS Consumer Role workshop on 18-Oct-2012.
This follow-up email provides details re the account setup process, and the URL for the Production environment. Please forward this email to others in your district, as appropriate.
Having completed the Consumer Role workshop, your districts are able now to request access for your two named accounts via the process outlined below. You may prefer to wait until both workshops have been completed before you set up your accounts, or you can get them set up now as Consumers. Then, after your district team attends the Author Role workshop, a subsequent HEAT ticket can be submitted to the BCeSIS Service Desk requesting that an existing Consumer account be changed to Author.
Account Setup Process
  1. Acquire the BCeID GUID authentication key
Once you have determined to whom the two accounts for your district will be assigned, and the individuals have acquired a Business BCeID (through your existing district process), provide them with the following URL to acquire their BCeID GUID:
Enter your BCeID Username and Password, and click Next. The authentication page will display. Copy the GUID and provide this along with your BCeID Username to the Level 1 who will submit the HEAT ticket to request your access.
  1. Submit a HEAT ticket to the BCeSIS Service Desk
Copy the following format into a HEAT ticket, and enter the required information.
Authorized by: (name of your district’s SMC rep)
Business BCeID Username:
GUID authentication key:
Role to assign to the user (Consumer or Author):
Last Name, First Name:
Individual School(s) or All District Schools:
The Service Desk will check to confirm the level of access your district is able to request and will then enter the information into BCeSIS. It will be picked up in the nightly data refresh of SIS EARS – i.e. access will not be available until the day after the HEAT ticket is processed.
Logging in to SIS EARS
Once access is established, use the following link to logon:
Follow the logon procedure detailed in the SIS EARS reference guide. This was distributed previously but is attached again for your convenience.
Service and Support
Support for SIS EARS will be provided to districts through the BCeSIS/PLNet Service Desk. During the implementation period, until your internal level 1 support desk processes are established, you can contact me directly and, if required, we can generate a ticket on behalf of your district.
SIS EARS – Community of Practice
We would like to get a distribution list established right away for the CoP by adding at least one educational representative and one support person from each district to receive updates, notices, and announcements of upcoming events. Please respond at your earliest convenience advising who to add to the list from your districts. Thank you.