School District 70 (Alberni)
Always learning - Apprendre, toujours - takaasʔaaqƛin huuḥtakšiiḥ
Late French Immersion


at Ecole Alberni Elementary School

Registration is now open for students who will be in Grades 5 or 6 in Sept 2019.


How LFI Works

Late French immersion begins in grades 5 & 6 with all subjects taught in French.  Students meet the same learning outcomes as they would in an English-speaking class.

Some of the strategies employed to facilitate learning in French:

•          Short simple sentences

•          Mime

•          Songs

•          Drama

English Language Arts is reintroduced in grade 7 and students receive 80% of their instruction in French.  Late French Immersion students are in the same classes as their Early French Immersion counterparts in grade 8.  French instruction in grade 8 remains above 50%.  As students move to high school, French percentages are reduced.

Who Makes a Good Candidate For LFI

Students who are motivated, willing to take risks and have sincere desire to learn another language.  Students who are proficient in numeracy and literacy in their grade 5 class.  Students who are able to manage their time well, miss very little school, work well in groups and are not afraid to meet the challenges of the program (especially in the beginning of grade 6).

What if Parents Don't Speak French?

LFI teacher communicate in English with parents.  LFI parents can support their child by being interested in his or her learning, getting involved with the school, providing access to resources and supporting him or her with his or her work.

This program is designed for students whose first language is NOT French.  Late French Immersion give students the opportunity to enter into the French Immersion program, with the eventual goal of graduating from grade 12 with a bilingual Dogwood Certificate.

If you are interested in receiving more information about Late French Immersion, please contact Marc Fryer ( at Ecole Alberni Elementary School 250.724.0623.