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Wells Fargo was notorious for having an iron fist when it came to direct lender loans no credit check ( ) modifications. It seemed no one could get one, no matter how many times they applied or how well they seemed to fit into the requirements. Something just didn't click with what they were looking for in applications. But these days, they have changed their view quite a bit on modifications as many of the mortgages they were in possession of have gone into foreclosure.

Foreclosure almost as bad for lenders as it is for homeowners, and if they were going to have to keep from going under themselves they were going to have to make some changes.

The overall goal of any lenders modification is to get monthly payments down below 31 percent of a homeowner's monthly income, if it is above that point. This is done by reducing interest rates and stretching out the mortgage by up to 40 years.

Some homeowners may not be happy with the extended mortgage, but there is no other way to reduce payments. The interest rate reduction can go as low as 2 percent if the monthly mortgage rate is much higher than 31 percent of the homeowner's gross monthly income.

Getting a Wells Fargo loan modification can be as simple as requesting the application package, filling it out, and sending it back in. It's important to be sure that you fit into the requirements beforehand, however; ask questions before requesting the application package over the phone. They are more than willing to give out the requirement information to anyone interested.

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