School District 70 (Alberni)
Always learning - Apprendre, toujours - takaasʔaaqƛin huuḥtakšiiḥ
District Contacts
District Contact Information:
Mailing Address: 4690 Roger Street, Port Alberni, BC, V9Y 3Z4
District Office Phone: 250-723-3565
District Office Fax: 250-723-0318
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Superintendent of Schools
Greg Smyth 720-2770
Director of Instruction - Learning Services Jack Hitchings 720-2779
​Director of Instruction - Student Services Vera Kaiser ​720-2764
​Director of Instruction - Human Resources ​Peter Klaver ​720-2757
Secretary-Treasurer Lindsay Cheetham
​ControllerJared Sexton

Director of Operations Greg Roe 723-8821
Executive Assistant Barb Witte 720-2770
Human Resources Asst Diana Moore 720-2759
AccountingErin McCluskey720-2754

Bus Garage/Transportation Lee Gibson 720-2772
ADSS Rentals Lyle Marsh720-7642

District Secretary/SIS Coordinator Nadine Doucette 720-2766
Payroll - Teachers/Admin Sandra Lacey 720-2755
Payroll - Support Staff Terrie Pighin 720-2753
Reception Clerk Teresa Sexton 720-2750
Dispatch Trisha Gunderson 720-2786