School District 70 (Alberni)
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School District 70 (Alberni) Board of Education

Back Row Left to Right: Gurmail Aujla, Rosemarie Buchanan, Larry Ransom, John Bennie, Jane Jones

Front Row Left to Right: Pam Craig (Board Chair), Pat Dahlquist

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Pam Craig - Board Chair

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Pam Craig was first elected in a by-election in 1​​​​991 and served as a Trustee until 2002. Pam returned to trusteeship in 2011.  Pam was born and raised in Port Alberni and her family has a long history of community and local government involvement.  Pam's four grandchildren are students of SD70 – one graduate and three in grades one, three and eight.  Pam's primary focus is on the educational needs of all students in SD70.  Pam believes the most important work of a trustee is to make sure the resources are in place to prepare students for their careers as contributing members of society.

Pam's goal is to work to set a direction for SD70 that has high expectations for student achievement and quality instruction.  Pam supports a collaborative approach with all stakeholders both within the district and in the community to share in the beliefs and values about what is possible for students.

Liaisons: John Howitt Elementary

Committees: CUPE Liaison/Bargaining, Management/P&VP Liaison, NTC/SD70 Liaison, AVCOC, BCSTA Provincial Council/VISTA, City of Port Alberni, DPAC, Port Alberni Museum & Heritage Commission

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Gurmail Aujla - Trustee


Raised in Lake Cowichan, Gurmail graduated from LCSS.  He graduated from UVIC with degrees in history and psychology and a M.A. in history.  He also completed a teaching program and taught at Ucluelet Secondary School until 1999.  He then moved to Saanich and taught at Claremont Secondary School until his retirement in 2010.  He is married, lives in Tofino and has two daughters.

Liaisons: Bamfield Community School, Ucluelet Elementary, Ucluelet Secondary, Wickaninnish Community School

Committees: BCPSEA Rep., Clayoquot Biosphere Trust, Districts of Tofino and Ucluelet

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John Bennie - Trustee 
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Originally from Chemainus, John Bennie has been a resident of Port Alberni since 1986.  A lawyer since 1983, John and his wife Karen have four children between the two of them and have been foster parents since 2003.  First elected in November 2002, John is in his fourth term as Trustee, and finds the work enjoyable and challenging, but ultimately very rewarding.

Liaisons: ADSS, Wood Elementary

Committtees: Management/PVPA, NTC/SD70, AVCOC

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Rosemarie moved to the Alberni Valley in the fall of 1979, and was first elected to the Board of Education of School District 70 in November of 1980.  At 25, she was one of the youngest trustees in Canada.  She held that seat for three years, and ran again in 1990, when she was elected and held that seat on the board for another nine years.  She ran again in November 2008, and is entering her 22nd year as a trustee in this school district. Rosemarie, as a trustee, has served on the Board of North Island College, the Parks and Recreation Commission, the Board collective bargaining committees, and many other boards and committees, representing the needs of students and the school district. In 2010, it was Rosemarie who initiated the ban on cosmetic pesticides in the district, and continues to bring health and safety issues to the Board table.  She fully supports progressive changes to education delivery and curriculum, and has always advocated for full, predictable and complete public education funding. Rosemarie's son Eric graduated from ADSS in 1999 as a Knight of the Armada.  He is currently on an education leave from his job, completing his degree in Economics at SFU.  Rosemarie enjoys her 109 year old North Port home, which is also home to her four rescued cats.

Liaisons: AW Neill Elementary, Alberni Elementary
Committees:  ADTU Liaison/Bargaining,
Teacher Pro D (Alt), Agriculture Development Committee of the ACRD, BCPSEA (Alt), BCSTA Provincial Council/VISTA (Alt)

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Pat Dahlquist - Trustee
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Born and raised in Vancouver, moved to Port Alberni and graduated from ADHS, married and had 4 children who all attended school in School District 70.  Pat worked for School District 70 for 30 years, first as a Teacher Aide and then as a secretary in the Board Office.  She  retired was elected as a Trustee in 1999 and is now serving her 6th term as Trustee.  After 15 years as Trustee, Pat knows how important it is to assist as many children as possible reach their potential goals in education.  She works hard in lobbying the Government for adequate funding, providing wonderful administrative and teaching staff, excellent support staff and safe, healthy schools for all students.
Liasions: EJ Dunn Elementary, VAST
Committees: CUPE
Liaison/Bargaining, Teacher Pro D
Occupational Health & Safety, Port Alberni Abashiri Society, Port Alberni Advisory Traffic

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Jane Jones - Trustee

Liaison: AW Neill Elementary, ADSS, Alberni Elementary, VAST

Committees: NTC/SD70 Liaison, City of Port Alberni (Alt), DPAC (Alt), Port Alberni Museum & Heritage Commission (Alt)

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Larry Ransom - Trustee
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Born and raised in Port Alberni. Larry Graduated from ADSS in 1974. Apart from travelling throughout Europe in 1976 Larry has spent most of his adult life in Port Alberni.First elected to the School Board in a by-election in 1997, Larry is currently in his sixth full term as a trustee with SD#70.Larry is a strong proponent of encouraging affordable student opportunities for extracurricular activities including music, drama, sports and outdoor recreation.As a co-founder and past president of the Alberni Valley Minor Lacrosse Association Larry believes that the physical activity of children through sport is a valuable component of their development.Larry is particularly supportive of the board goal of improving the district graduation rate. He believes that students will be encouraged to stay in school by developing programs that recognize their different learning styles and by creating an environment for students to successfully complete their secondary education.Larry is also personally interested in maintaining educational courses and programs related to career development that prepares students for the “working world” with special emphasis on trades and technical training.​
Liaison: ADSS, CHOICES, EJ Dunn Elementary, Maquinna
Committees: ADTU Liaison/Bargaining, BCSTA Provincial Council/VISTA, Port Alberni Advisory Planning, Port Alberni Advisory Traffic (Alt)