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Lockdown Drill Information

February 15, 2013

Lockdown Drill
                On February 8th at 10:45 Wickaninnish Community School held its first lockdown drill with great success.  All of our staff and students demonstrated that they have been discussing lockdown procedures in their classrooms and our drill went smoothly.  Our staff will debrief on areas they have recognized as needing further attention prior to our next drill so we can continually improve our procedures.  Please ask your son/daughter how they felt the lockdown went and if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact the school.
Once again here are our procedures for a lockdown drill:
·         A lockdown is called through our PA system.
·         Staff immediately lock and shut their doors, turn classroom lights off, and have students as silently as possible go to a designated “safe area” within their classroom.
·         Any student who is in an unsecure area (e.g., washroom) immediately goes to the nearest classroom.
·         Administration uses their non-violent intervention training to calm intruder(s) and escorts them from the building.  While this is occurring the school secretary and/or other designate contacts emergency response personnel e.g., 911
·         Once the situation is deemed non-threatening staff and students will be notified.