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Emergency Bus Information for Tofino/Esowista/Tyhistanis/Opitsaht families

January 18, 2012

 Because you cannot contact anyone in our office until 8:00am we have set up a communication system to help prevent our bus students from missing school when events such power outages and snowfalls happen.

 Three parents have volunteered to have the USS Principal or Vice-Principal call them early in the morning to communicate whether the school is open or not and whether the busses are running or not. Any other parents then have the option of calling one of these volunteers to find out about the status of the bus runs.

 So what do you need to know?

If you wake up in the morning and the power is off or there is a lot of snow in Tofino/Esowista/Tyhistanis/Opitsaht and you want to know if the school is open or if the busses are running please call one of the following parents:

Adrienne Mason              250-725-1288 or 250-266-0141

Cosy Lawson                    250-726-8777

 Hopefully we will not have to use this system at all this year.

Power Outage.jpg