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School Dance- Dec 14th

December 13, 2011

School Dance Dec 14th!!!
Hello Parents
·         The dance is Wednesday, December 14th from 7:00-10:00pm at the Ucluelet Community Centre.
·         Students need to use the Main Hall entrance which is near the back of the UCC.
·         Admission tickets are being sold ahead of time for $5. Admission can also be paid for at the door for $7.
·         Doors close at 8pm. If any student cannot get there by 8pm because of work or other responsibilities then that student must make arrangements with Ms. Sedgwick before 3pm on Wednesday to arrange for a special admission time.
·         Students should expect to have all their backpacks, purses, and pockets emptied and examined by school staff before they enter the hall to ensure they do not have any drugs, alcohol, or weapons with them.
·         Students will be reminded that this is a school event so all school rules apply- especially the School District Drug & Alcohol Policy.
·         A free bus service is provided:   The bus will leave the Tofino Fire Hall at 6:30pm and will stop to pick up students at Esowista on the way to the UCC.
The bus will leave the UCC at 10:00pm and will drop off students at Esowista on its way to the Tofino Fire Hall.
·         Once the bus from Tofino/Esowista arrives those students who ride the bus will need to immediately enter the UCC. If they choose to leave the UCC for a walk around town, etc they will not be allowed to enter the UCC. Bus students will also need to stay in the hall for the duration of the dance if they want to catch the bus back to Tofino/Esowista.
·         If any student chooses to leave the dance before 10:00pm they will not be allowed to re-enter the UCC or catch the bus back to Esowista/Tofino.
·         Students will be able to go outside for chaperoned breaks to get some fresh air periodically.
·         We ask that students leave backpacks and valuables at home (unless they can be kept in their pockets). We will have space for students to leave their jackets and belongings, but it is not locked and we cannot take responsibility if something goes missing.
·         Students cannot bring their own beverages into the UCC with them. Bottles of water are sold at the dance for $1 per bottle.
·         This dance is only for registered USS students. Admission will only be given to students who are presently attending USS.
We are trying to provide a safe event for our youth and appreciate your support in making this event safe and memorable for our students. If you have any questions regarding the dance please call us at the school.