A.W. Neill Elementary School

Neill Talons SOAR: Safe, Organized, On Time, Active Learners, Respectful and Responsible
AW Neill Elementary School Staff 2017- 2018
​Administrative Staff
​Mr. R. Behnke​Administrator
​Mr. D Olson​Administrator
Mrs. LaRochelleSecretary
Teaching Staff
​Mrs. Anker​Grade 7
​Mrs. Battand​Grade 7
​Ms. Rees​Grade 6/7
​Mrs. Kynoch​Grade 6
​Mrs. Laslo​Grade 5
​Mrs. Parfitt​Grade 4/5
​Mrs. Zydyk​Grade 4
​Mrs. Hewitt​Grade 3
​Ms. Misfeldt​Grade 3
​Mrs. Lawson​Grade 2/3
​Ms. Henri/Ms. Cochrane​Grade 2
Mrs. Coulson​Grade 1/2
​Mrs. Jeffery​Grade 1
Ms. Whitehead​Grade K/1
​Mrs. Coleman​Kindergarten
​Mrs. Hewitt​Learning Support
​Mrs. Zydyk​Learning Support
​Mrs. Shannon​SET/Learning Support
​Mr. Gilchrist​Music Teacher
​Mrs. Baumgartner​Librarian/Learning Support
Support Staff
​Mrs. Bakken​Educational Assistant
​Mrs. Geddes​Educational Assistant
​Mr. Krogfoss​Educational Assistant
Mrs. Marsh​Educational Assistant
Mrs. Ross​Educational Assistant
​Mrs. Tourangeau​Educational Assistant
​Ms. Vigneux​Lunch Time Supervisor
​Ms. Beaulac​Custodian
Mr. Perkovic​Custodian
​​Ms. Wilson​​Custodian
District Specialists
​Ms. Howland​District Early Years Communication Assistant
Ms. LowDistrict ​​Speech and Language Pathologist
TBA​District Psychologist
​Ms. WalterDistrict Elementary Counselor