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New Alberni District Secondary School
ADSS New School Update
April 2012
The school is scheduled to open in September of this year and School District staff will begin moving in furniture and equipment in late June/early July.
As the weather starts to improve in April, work will begin on the completion of the site works.  This will include preparation of the playing field and the various retaining walls, seating walls and sidewalks around the school.
Inside the school, the classroom wing is nearly complete, with the final coats of paint being applied and light fixtures and ceiling tiles being installed.
Drywall installation has started in the gymnasia, and steel stud framing is progressing well in the administration, library and theatre entrance area. 
All of the roof framing is now complete, and there are only a few areas remaining to receive the base sheet of roof.  This will be completed in early May . Exterior siding installation will start in late April/early May, when the materials arrive on site and the weather has improved.
Rough-in of mechanical and electrical systems is nearing completion in all areas.  The installation of mechanical equipment such as air handling units and heating system pumps is currently underway.
The theatre catwalks have been installed, the lowest theatre slab has been poured and the seat area and steps are now being formed.
Main Atrium Area – Preparation for Drywall
Administration Area Windows Being Installed
Reception Area – Drywall Installation
Foods Classroom

February, 2012
This is the first in a series of monthly updates that SD70 will be posting to keep the people of Port Alberni up to date on the progress of the new ADSS school.  Each month, we will also include a “monthly feature” which will highlight one of the unique and interesting aspects of the fantastic new school.
Trustees toured the new school site last week and were impressed with the progress being made inside the new school.  The school is scheduled to open in September of this year, so the site will be a very busy place over the next few months.
While it may have appeared that activity slowed at the site over the last couple of months, it is mainly because the focus of the work has now shifted to the interior.
 The Design Builder, Yellowridge Construction Ltd. has been working closely with the SD70 representatives to adhere to a detailed project schedule that takes into account the different levels of detailing and the time required for move-in and set up by the SD70 staff.  This has resulted in the use of a phased approach, optimizing contractor resources and working to the SD70 timelines.
Preparation of the site and construction of the foundation took longer than anticipated, largely as a result unforeseen soil conditions.  Nevertheless, all classrooms and instructional areas will be ready for occupancy in September.
The first area of the school to be completed will be the classrooms and shops.  This area requires the highest degree of detail and finishing, and will require the most time to set up. The Yellowridge team has committed to delivering this portion of the project ahead of schedule.
Trustees were therefore pleased to see that these areas were already receiving their first coats of paint on the walls, and that the finishing of floors and ceilings was already underway.
The next area to be finished will be the main atrium space, the gyms, the library and community services portions of the building.   
The last area to be finished will be the theatre.  This area has sophisticated lighting, sound and communications systems and completion of this component will take place in the November.
SD 70 is also pleased that the project is on budget.  Although there have been some contract changes resulting from fine tuning of the design and some unforeseen conditions on the site, the School District remains confident that the new school will be completed within the overall capital funding allocated for the project.  

West Entrance

Tech Ed Shop


South Side of School

Large Gym
ood supplied to the manufacturer, StructureCraft, came from the Alberni Valley.

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Monthly Feature
Traffic Around New School
The new school and the “Neighborhoods of Learning” spaces, such as the theatre and other community spaces, will bring more traffic to this part of Port Alberni.  The design team has been working closely with the City of Port Alberni in order to ensure that pedestrian, cyclist and motorist traffic moves smoothly around the new school.
Part of the LEED Gold certification includes a credit that addresses efforts to reduce vehicular traffic to the site.  The School District is in discussions with BC Transit about improving the roximity municipal bus stops and frequency of service.  In addition, there will be designated car pool parking spots provide on-site, along with a program put in place to raise awareness and to encourage participation in car pooling.  There will also be ample covered bicycle parking on site for staff and students, as well as shower and change facilities that will encourage people to use their bicycles.  Finally, the site design has maintained and improved pedestrian access to and from the site.
The site plan below indicates how traffic will flow around and through the site, as well as the parking made available – either on site or in near proximity.  The school district has made a contribution to the City to provide the new left turn lane from 10th Avenue onto Roger Street, which should help maintain proper flow of traffic at this intersection.  In addition, there will be a new crosswalk provided at the corner of Roger Street and Vimy Road.
Woodfirst – Innovative use of wood Grant
 The Canadian Wood Council / Wood WORKS!, together with several forest industry groups, offered grants to projects that  were able to demonstrate a commercially viable use of innovative wood-based products.   The new ADSS was one of the projects selected. The featured element of the school is the roof structure of the small gymnasium.  It is an assembly that is similar to the WoodWave used at the Richmond Oval. The design of the structure allows simple 2 by 4’s to be used to cover a very large span. Normally this type of span would require much larger dimension lumber or elaborate trusses.  The wood supplied to the manufacturer, StructureCraft, came from the Alberni Valley.
Testing of the assembly
Finished Roof.jpg
The finished product